Kristelle Siarza

In 2014 Kristelle Siarza chose to found her full-service marketing agency in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She credits the supportive local business community with providing the environment necessary for her company to succeed. Siarza Social Digital is a digital agency that offers web design, marketing, and development services. Not only does Kristelle support other small businesses with their digital marketing needs, she creates new employment opportunities and has personally made it her mission to encourage students to pursue fields in Communication.

Although there are many challenges to starting a business, Kristelle found that the Albuquerque community was the perfect place to realize her vision of owning a digital marketing agency. The digital marketing community in Albuquerque was very much willing to assist, you just have to ask. Kristelle states “Whether it’s finding the next lead or introducing us to the right people, the business community has some really great partners and everyone is willing to help each other out no matter what they do.” To her surprise, even direct competitors were lending a hand in assistance, and with that Kristelle knew this was the right city to grow her business. Albuquerque is a friendly place for entrepreneurs. The city and local community are exceptionally supportive of their small businesses and people.

The close-knit culture of Albuquerque has its roots in family life. Family values inform the culture here, and this translates to more family friendly events and destinations. Kristelle’s decision to move to Albuquerque in 2001 was influenced by her mother; economic development recruited her mother’s company. This gave her a reason to visit and see what the community was all about. “Economic development is what moved me here and it’s exciting to be a business that contributes to economic development here in Albuquerque.” Her family has grown since she has moved to New Mexico. Kristelle celebrated the birth of her son 9 years ago and she is proud to raise him in a family-oriented community with plenty to do. Dedicated to supporting the next generation, Albuquerque schools perform very well, both public and private.

The culture of the Albuquerque is very helpful and its citizens are always willing to assist when needed. Raising her son in this thriving environment, Kristelle hopes the community “will continue doing that for future generations.”